We provide services in Poland and European Union. We specialize in transport of machines, their components and palletized cargo. We use special means of transport:

  • DAF Euro 6 tractor low deck,
  • WIELTON mega double floor system ALLSAFE Jungfalk - payload of 24 tons, 13.6 LDM
  • WIELTON mega platform, load secure poles, ramps to 7000 kg   - payload of 24 tons, 13.6 LDM

Vehicles are equipped with:

  • largest available sleeper cab, enabling the driver a good rest, so that he could perform the work safely and take care of entrusted goods
  • GPS monitoring system, telematic system
  • GSM phone
  • a set of securing tools (straps ergo, corners, non-slip mats, steel chains with pretensioners)
  • orange flashing light,
  • winter tires Michelin M + S required on selected routes.